Xeriscape Installations

Loera's Landscape - Reno's Best Choice for Xeriscapes

For residents of Reno and the surrounding areas, a common query when looking to upgrade their homes may be, "yard installations near me," or more specifically, "xeriscape installation near me." These unique landscape designs do exceptionally well in desert climates because they need very little water or intervention to thrive and stay healthy. Xeriscapes use highly efficient irrigation systems, allowing precious water to be conserved and these native plants to do very well.
Nevada officials are so concerned about protecting our water that in Las Vegas and other regions, the cities have begun paying residents to replace lush green lawns that require a significant amount of water with xeriscapes and hardscapes, requiring very little water. While it's certainly true that bright green foliage is stunning, many homeowners are often surprised by how beautiful a xeriscape can be as well.
Not just any plants can be thrown together and called a xeriscape. Knowing which types of trees and other plants should go in a xeriscape takes a significant amount of professional experience and know-how, and Loera's Landscape in Reno has that. Loera's Landscape are members of the Tree Care Industry Association and International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), so they know how to find native desert trees that will provide shade, as well as how to cluster plants and which species to choose to create little valleys throughout the landscaping that will hold and distribute rain runoff.
Loera's Landsape is a small landscape company run by a husband and wife team in Reno with over a decade of experience in the industry. In addition to their extensive knowledge of xeriscape planning and design, they offer many additional lawn services. Next time you find yourself searching, "yard installations near me" or "xeriscape installation near me," check out Loera's Landscape!

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