Junk Removal Reno

  Spring Cleanups, Snow, and Junk Removal Reno

When most people think of a landscaping company, they think of a lawn being seeded and mowed, trees and bushes being trimmed, or someone who comes and waters the flower beds and makes sure they're healthy. While it's true that most landscaping companies do those things, they also often have a long list of lesser-known services.
Take Loera's Landscape, serving Reno and the surrounding areas. The company offers all those traditional services to both residential and commercial customers, but it also installs, maintains, and repairs irrigation systems. Loera's puts up and takes down holiday lights, and can even use the innovative EverLights permanent Christmas light system so you can customize and program every single bulb, all with a simple touch of a button on your smartphone. Reno has a unique climate with a hot and dry summer, but also cold and snowy winters, so Loera's Landscape offers snow removal services as well. The company often hauls away debris and other unwanted household "junk," so next time you're wondering how to deal with the snow or how that big pile is ever going to get off your lawn, consider Loera's Landscape when searching for "junk removal Reno" or "snow removal near me."
In addition to the already long list of complete lawn care services Loera's offers its customers, it also provides full-service landscape planning, design, installation, and maintenance, including that of the popular desert xeriscape style that uses less water and takes significantly less maintenance. The dog-loving couple who runs Loera's are members of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and Tree Care Industry Association, as well as QWEL certified, so your plants and trees are in good hands with them.
Check out Loera's customer reviews for yourself, and consider them during your next search for "snow removal near me" or "junk removal Reno."

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