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  Loera's Residential & Commercial Landscaping Company in Reno

Loera's Landscape and Design is a family-owned residential and commercial landscaping company in Reno. The husband and wife team provide a wide range of lawn and landscaping services including seeding, routine maintenance such as trimming, irrigation system installation, maintenance, and repair, seasonal cleanups, junk removal, holiday light installation and removal, and landscape design, planning, and installation.
Being in the unique Reno climate, many local residents want to know, "How do I find landscape maintenance near me?" Loera's Landscape is run by a local couple who knows the terrain and climate, and is knowledgeable about what types of plants do well in Reno, as well as which plants look great and do great together. They also specialize in xeriscape installations, which are a more desert-style landscaping that doesn't involve green grass and other lush greenery. Many people are hesitant when they first hear about xeriscaping, but properly-designed landscapes can be absolutely stunning without the abundance of greenery, and they are much better for the environment, especially in places like Reno. Xeriscapes are especially good for commercial buildings and other businesses because they are much lower maintenance than traditional landscaping and require less water.
Loera's Landscape is a residential and commercial landscaping company in Reno that offers a complimentary initial consultation. The staff is with you every step of the way, from the initial meeting where they simply get a feel for what you're looking for and check out your space, to laying the very last paver and putting other finishing touches on. Loera's Landscape does not contract out its work; the person you're expecting to show up is the one who will do the job. Check out why the company has become known as a local favorite for landscaping, and consider Loera's Landscape next time you search for "landscape maintenance near me."

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